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John Day Decorators Ltd has provided high wearing fast turnaround coating systems in industrial premises with great success for over 20 years. Operating around work processes and in shutdown periods for our clients convenience. We provide managed structured work programmes for the end user.

Working in both clean particle sensitive IT based environments and harsh chemical production facilities we can manage even our clients most unique requirements allowing John Day Decorators Ltd to be an extremely flexible and proactive service provider meeting all your needs.

We pride ourselves in our effective turnkey Project Management with extensive experience in blast tracking and refinishing flooring, wall and roof surfaces to cope with our clients most aggressive requirements. F.D.A Approved food and hygiene coatings have been provided over many years for Local and National food suppliers, Hospital Ward and Theatre environments. Working closely with our suppliers we can supply manufacturer backed warranties for your complete piece of mind.

  • » Ceilings
    • John Day (Decorators) Ltd consistently produce high wear systems to industrial premises, mostly whilst the client still operates normally.
    • If your need is simply sealing asbestos sheeting to fully finished electronic and clean environments, our team will find and specify the most suitable products for your budget and even supply manufacturer backed guarantees and specifications for absolute peace of mind.
  • » Steel Work Protection
    • Protection
      John Day (Decorators) Ltd has extensive experience in on site refinishing of all aspects of structural and decorative steelwork.
    • Periodic refinishing of structural steel is an important part of building maintenance, preventing rust and weakening of load bearing steel work is essential to the fabric of the building. John Day (Decorators) Ltd can provide fully fledged rust proofing systems for sites which have already started to deteriorate and provide the longest possible life spans. We offer periodic maintenance painting to prevent degradation in the first instance, having a wide range of Industrial protective and decorative products to hand.
    • In Tumescents
      John Day (Decorators) Ltd applies all in tumescent coatings including Nullifire, Leighs, Bolloms, Crown Pyroshield to mention but a few. Working closely with the manufacturer, we can offer fully certified fire protection systems to your structural steel with up to 2 hours protection in both internal and external locations.
  • » Walls
    • The customers need is paramount in the decision on how to protect your building’s wall surfaces. From simple water based washable surfaces to high impact resistant fibre glass reinforced applications, John Day (Decorators) Ltd has a solution. With vast experience in the use of 2 part epoxy coatings we have the right solution for your age old problems.
  • » Flooring
    • Whether your needs are simply sealing concrete surfaces to high wear, impact resistant coatings, John Day (Decorators) Ltd has experience in applying and advising clients on the best value options to meet your needs. Having vast knowledge over many manufacturers products and their performance, we can give you exactly what you need with full manufacturers backed specifications, life expectancies and warranties.

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